About Us

Attain Home Health Inc. (AHC) was established in the Greater South Bay Area in the year 2014.

We were personally inspired by the need for excellent home care among the various ethnic groups who wish to receive both the benefits of access to home care and receiving professional personal care in their own home environment.

Attain Home Health is an individually owned, for profit organization and carries full liability insurance. 

Our guiding philosophy is: C.O.M.F.O.R.T


AHC believes that we have a responsibility to act with complete care when representing the company.Individuals and organizations serving as vendors or contractors to our company have the same obligation to conduct themselves with complete care when representing us.Care is the basis of every individual’s reputation, and it is the basis of our reputation as a Home care leader.


AHC strives to be innovative and not just to recycle old ways of doing things. “Fresh ideas for a vibrant future” will be our watchword.


AHC believes that maturity clears the way for shared communication between our organization and our Clients hence allowing us to search, understand and resolve problems that arise in a timely manner.


Just as the slogan “without faith nothing is possible, AHC takes the first step in initiating faith during the healing process of Client care.


We embrace order as a form of creating focus and resisting distraction.


The virtue of kindness and selflessness will be paramount in our sincerity.


First class service to the client with a minimum of red tape for them and their loved ones.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Home Health Companies: Quality Care at Cutting Edge Prices

If you talk with our patients, they will tell you they associate their care with one word:


When we come into your home we are entering a sacred space, a place that is private, secure and familiar.

You want to have someone who respects your general wellbeing and health and can calmly provide the healthcare you need in your private safe space.

Our nurses have a calm and positive disposition, and show up with a smile and the ability to help you heal and feel better.

Think of us as your personal Home Health Agency in the Greater Los Angeles/Orange County areas, and you can be sure your health is in good hands.

You will find more than just typical nursing home care services — we have a variety of distinct features that sets us apart from our competitors in the industry including physical therapy, testing and full service wound care.

Our nursing practitioners are highly skilled, empathetic and equipped to make sure your experience exceeds your expectations.

All of our caregivers are:

Clients We Serve

Attain Home Health is a proud community partner and trusted home care provider to the seniors and chronically disabled who aren’t ready to leave their home for institutional setting.

Our Healthcare Team is here to help every step of the way: