Meet Our Staff

Phyllis Mungai


Taking care of people is in my blood and I was raised to mane humanity a better place.  Our house was the community daycare, medical facility, restaurant/diner and social spot.  There were always people who needed care, and me and my family gave it to them! 

Phyllis was born and raised in Kenya. She attended Mombasa Polytechnic University and graduated with a Degree as a Laboratory Scientist in 2003.

Phyllis worked as a laboratory Technologist for 5 years at Pandya Memorial Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya.

In 2007, Phyllis relocated to the United States and continued to pursue her passion for patient care in the medical industry by attending Mount Saint Mary’s University. She graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Science Nursing (BSN, RN) Cum Laude.

With over 12 years of experience in the Home health industry as a Performance Improvement Quality nurse, Phyllis decided to start the Attain Home Health Care Agency to better serve the Los Angeles community with high end mobile nurses. Our practice has nurses who love people and are committed to caring for our patients with loving hearts and skilled hands.

Our Agency is committed to exercise evidence-based practices, and we are actively engaged in continuing education and research for the latest in wound care and pain management technology.

Phyllis is a certified home health oasis reviewer (HCS-O) that places the company to an outstanding best patient outcome. She also serves as a Chief Financial Officer and is responsible for business development, finances and strategic planning functions.

Hobbies: Hiking, running, watching movies, cooking while entertaining her friends, and reading to keep up with the latest home health policies and procedures for best patient outcomes.

Dagninet Abay

RN, DPCS, Administrator

Dagninet was born and raised in Ethiopia. He attended Law school at Addis Ababa University and graduated with honors receiving Bachelor degree in Law(LLB). He worked as a High court Judge for 3 years before relocating to the US in 1999. With true passion for patient care, Dagninet pursued his nursing degree and graduated from Excelsior Collage of Nursing. With over 10 years of experience as a registered nurse and director of patient care services, Dagninet started Attain Health Home health Agency with focus on quality of care. He is responsible in coordinating the agency progress, implementing policies and procedures, oversees all clinical operations and daily operations of the company.

Hobbies: Cycling with the family, playing soccer, and watching movies to pass time.

Law School: Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia

Nursing School: Excelsior Collage of Nursing, US

"The Reason is You" Recognition Award

Recognizing our stellar employees


  • Thank you so much Aliyah for all you do for the patient.
  • You bring a culture of compassion as you care for your patients and loved ones, you go above and beyond to make sure that everyone you care for is represented.
  • You will drive anywhere for the company to see all your patients.
  • Thank you for making sure your patient abnormal symptoms are identified and addressed hence avoiding re-hospitalization.

We appreciate you so much Aliyah!!!


  • Thank you so much Carolyne for all you do for the patient.
  • You bring a culture of compassion as you care for your patients and loved ones, you go above and beyond to make sure that everyone you care for is represented.
  • You care for the stubbornest population that don’t allow many to get to their home and provide all services.
  • Thank you for making sure the notes are submitted within 24 hours after your visit is done.

We appreciate you so much Carolyne!!!


  1. Geographical area of coverage: Travels to see patient on a large geographical coverage.
  2. A caring attitude: ability to make all patients and their caregiver calm down despite their emotional being unstable.
  3. Humility: Martha has been a front line nurse caring for the covid 19 and non -Covid -19 patients amid the pandemic.
  4. Communication Skills: Communicates with all in a professional manner and response to every question that the office or patients may have. Calls doctor’s office when she identifies a problem during patient care
  5. Documentation of notes: Does her nursing documentation on a timely manner to facilitate with timely billing.
  6. Persistence: Martha has the ability to make sure she gets patients admitted to our agency despite finding another agency that may try to snatch the patient due to conflict of interest. She advocated for Attain as if it is her own company.
  1. A desire to keep learning: Martha is always trying to learn so that she may be a good recourse to her patients. Everyone that receives care from her calls to let us know that they truly learnt about their health and appreciate it much.